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Many of you know that I'm a big fan of handwritten correspondence. It's a habit I learned young, when my mother "encouraged" me to write thank you cards post Christmas and birthdays. In school, I was always writing notes, folding them into teeny tiny triangles before passing them in class. I even shared a journal with my best friend throughout elementary and middle school. We'd take turns recording our childhood hopes and dreams, worries and heartaches. I can still picture her handwriting in that tattered, wide-ruled, spiral notebook.

To this day, my mother has a stockpile of cards at the ready for birthdays and various holidays. As an adult, I've done the same. To me, the joy of sending and receiving a handwritten note in the mail is pure magic. It's such a simple way to let someone know just how special they are. Most commonly, we send cards to each other for special occasions. But what if you did so JUST BECAUSE? Because it's a random Wednesday and you want someone to know you're thinking about them.

Think of a friend or family member who could use a little extra loving right about now. Grab a card and go for it. Don't overthink it; you're not writing a tome, just a short and simple heartfelt message. Chances are receiving that card will be the highlight of your loved one's day. Isn't that worth a few dollars and a bit of your time? I certainly think so. Now go and spread some joy!

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