Changing Tides Foundation (Q1-2, 2021)

Changing Tides Foundation logo

A women-led organization for all people striving to make a difference in the world around them, Changing Tides Foundation celebrates diversity & inclusivity. They help implement community solutions that promote gender equity, social justice and ocean health. They initiate projects that enable compassion and teamwork to create life-enhancing and earth-protecting opportunities. 

Their Women's Outreach Mentorship Program is an ongoing, collaborative effort to share ocean knowledge and access with women and girls. The ocean provides an incredible space for healing, life perspective, athleticism and more, but often women and girls do not have ocean skills nor access or community to learn with. With programs in Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru and El Salvador, and soon in San Diego, they help provide ocean access and opportunity to women and girls.

Other projects include the Plastic Swear Jar Challenge, Where Does it Go?, Community Compost Movement, Plant-based merchandise, and more. 

5% of all retails sales made January 1 through June 30, 2021 were donated to Changing Tides Foundation.