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One of the best pieces of advice I received while launching my small business was to ensure that it reflects me. This includes everything from product offerings and packaging to communications and customer service. It also extends to decisions about revenue and profit.  

There are countless examples of companies using their platform and profits for good. Warby Parker and Bombas follow the buy-one-give-one model popularized by TOMS. Patagonia donated 100% of its 2017 $10M tax break to combat climate change. And thousands of companies have made the 1% Pledge, committing 1% of staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to a charity of their choosing.

and the moon will rise is all about inspiring joy, celebrating each other and remembering what's most important. While its launch fulfilled a long-time dream of mine, my hope is that its mission and reach extend well beyond me. That's why I committed early on to pledging 5% of all profits to causes empowering women and girls around the world.

Now, and the moon will rise is certainly no TOMS or Patagonia, and comparatively, our impact is miniscule. But in a creative business like this where margins are slim and every penny counts, 5% of profits is a significant and meaningful amount. And that's exactly why I chose it.

Every six months, we'll choose another nonprofit organization to highlight on our website, blog, newsletter and social media. We're honored to kick it off with the Global Fund for Women. From our November 30th launch through June 30 of this year, 5% of profits will be directed to this fantastic organization engaged in important work supporting women and girls initiatives across the world.

In addition to spotlighting such a phenomenal nonprofit organization, the sentiment behind today's post is one of gratitude. Whether or not you knew about our 5% pledge when you placed an order, you made a difference. And for that, we are so grateful.

PS- If you'd like to nominate a nonprofit, please send us an email at

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