Our story

Clean, colorful and fun, our stationery collections cut through the clutter with gender-neutral and modern messaging. All blank interiors make our greeting cards relevant for a variety of occasions and invite you to connect with loved ones in your own words. Perfect for special occasions and random Wednesdays alike. 

Hi, I'm Karen, a graphic designer, spin instructor, plant hoarder and beach lover. I met my husband in a hotdog shack in Portland, OR, and we're celebrating 14 years of marriage in 2024. We live in North County San Diego with our pup, Nova.

I love: dancing, board games, fictional crime TV shows and cold brew.

I hate:
milk, yellow squash, humidity and the sound of bones cracking.

In case you're ever with me in an emergency, I'm allergic to penicillin and chard (not that you'd feed me chard in an emergency). I've been in 11 weddings (excluding my own) and have maintained close friendships from nearly every season of my life. I'm *really* proud of that.

I launched AND THE MOON WILL RISE in 2019 with a name inspired by Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, "even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise." A long time night owl, the moon is a powerful antidote to even my most chaotic days. Its rise represents an opportunity to reflect, refocus and let my creative energy flow. 
So, while the name is a bit unusual, it's full of meaning and heart. And that's what this small business is all about.