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It's hump day of what feels like the longest week of the year (aka the first full post-holiday work week). Hang in there; it's allllmost the weekend.

I'm focusing on planning this week- looking ahead at the coming year and setting goals for each business quarter, mapping out new product launches, scheduling social media and marketing initiatives, and more. We have some exciting things in store for the year- including expansion into the wholesale market and the launch of custom stationery offerings (think wedding and more!)  

Dreaming big and setting goals is one thing, but ensuring that your everyday choices reflect the type of business you want to run is another. It's important to us that our core values drive everything we do. So it only felt right to share them with you today.

At and the moon will rise, we believe in the inspirational power of beautiful graphics and thought-provoking words. We believe in making others feel special- not just on birthdays and holidays- but also on a random Wednesday. We believe in the simple joy that comes from finding a handwritten card in your mailbox and art prints that make you smile every time they catch your eye. We believe in donating 5% of profits to causes that empower women and girls around the world. We believe in gratitude, kindness and remembering what's most important. We believe in inspiring joy one print at a time.

Maybe you've purchased some cards or prints from us and maybe you haven't. Either way, we're really glad you're here. Stick around to see what's still to come. and the moon will rise is a labor of love and rooted in the belief that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Thanks for believing in us.

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  • Stacey Arnold on

    Your words are beautiful and your wisdom is always on point. You have lived these values every day of your life (making people feel special is kind of your superpower), so it’s only fitting that you’re inspiring others to do the same, and providing some pretty fabulous tools to help make that happen. Thank you for sharing!

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