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I'll admit, I was really looking forward to closing the book on 2020, hoping the odds were in our favor for a better 2021. And things were looking good for a few days there. I welcomed the new year with some sunny beach time, landed a few new clients, had a strong showing at Sunday's farmer's market, and even took Tuesday off to ski with my husband for his birthday.

And then Wednesday hit. Aaron and I couldn't peel our eyes from the news, watching in horror as the shocking events unfolded in our nation's Capitol. So many questions remain, and we'll all be unpacking it for months and years to come. 2021 is here, and it ain't playing around. 

Something else that might be slapping hard right now is your already-failed resolution(s). Been there, done that- more times than I can count. A few years ago, I tried something new that's been working for me. I chose a single word on which to focus throughout the year. In 2019, that word was FULL. On the eve of 2020, I wanted to feel full of joy, gratitude, health, friendship and love. Focusing on that feeling, rather than any one resolution, helped guide my thoughts and actions in all aspects of my life.

In 2020, my word was GRACE, and over the past year, this simple word brought more comfort than I could have imagined. Any small business owner knows that the first year is tough, even without a global pandemic added to the mix. Approaching each new challenge with a 'grace over guilt' mentality empowered me to embrace my mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. I think I'll be keeping this word in my arsenal for some time to come.

For 2021, my word is CONFIDENCE- not only personal confidence, but particularly as a small business owner. I used to think that confidence was a personality trait or something you were born with. But it's not. It's simply a choice. Confidence requires daily practice of drowning out your inner critic and fueling future successes with past achievements, positive language and a belief that you can and will. It almost sounds easy, but we all know it's not. I hope I'm up for the challenge. Scratch that. I'm confident I'm up for the challenge.

So, if resolutions work for you, perfect. Keep it up. If they're not  your thing, or you've already broken a few (all?!?) in the last 8 days, I challenge you to shift your focus. What do you want MOST for 2021? How do you want to FEEL on the eve of 2022? Say yes to the things that will get you there, and no to the things that won't. Success is just a series of small wins, so be sure to celebrate them along the way. And don't forget the grace. Lots and lots of grace. Happy new year, my friend.

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