50 years = 50% off

You probably know by now that I'm really into recognizing special days. From micro holidays (National Chocolate Day, anyone?) to major ones (hellloooo, Thanksgiving). Birthdays to anniversaries, and all those "just because" days in between. I delight in celebrating others & making them feel special. 

Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating a BIG ONE-- my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! We were planning a big party and already had our flights booked. But then COVID hit, and like so many things in 2020, everything was cancelled. 

Instead, they'll spend the day together at home. My brother and I have a few surprises planned for them (shout out to my cousins who are making it happen!), but I know it won't be the same. 

So many of you have had special events, trips and other celebrations cancelled or postponed due to COVID. You're probably making the most of it-- counting your blessings and moving on. But still, it sucks. And I'm sorry.

In honor of my parents' big day-- and of all your special days coming up-- we're having a BIG SALE. Tomorrow and Saturday only, all individual greeting cards and select art prints will be 50% off. No code necessary.

I'm probably crazy; I mean, 50% off is wholesaling pricing! Big you know what they say. Go big or go home. And since I can't go home, I'm going big.

To my mom and dad, happy 50th anniversary! Cheers to you and the beautiful life you've created together. You epitomize partnership and pragma, or enduring love. Your deep bond has formed over a long period of time; made up of all the days you've stood IN love with each other with respect, patience and compromise. I'm sorry we can't all be together, but know that we'll be throwing you one hell of a 51st anniversary party!

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