Hi, I'm Karen

Who comes up with all these micro-holidays? Is it someone's job, just like naming nail polish or lip stick colors? If so, I'd like to apply. Yesterday was National "Give something away" day (I hope you win our IG giveaway) and today is "Get to know your customers" day. 

While I'm all for getting to know you better, I realized that I've never really introduced myself to you. So hi, I'm Karen, and I'm happy you're here.

I'm a graphic designer, landscape architect, beach lover, plant hoarder and dog mama. I live in Encinitas, a small beach town north of San Diego. My husband, Aaron, and I relocated here 18 months ago for his job, and I still pinch myself every day. For the previous 9 years, we lived in Charlottesville, Virginia for my job. Marriage- it's all about compromise.

Aaron and I met in a hotdog shack in Portland, Oregon 14 years ago. He was supposed to move to Hawaii for a job 6 months later, while I was headed up to Seattle for grad school. When it came time to part ways, it felt like the world was ending, so he followed me to Seattle. We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary.

Nova is our sweet (and sassy) 4-year old mini labradoodle. While Aaron can't even keep track of all the pets he's had, Nova is my first (unless you count Mo, my 4th grade gerbil). She loves Aaron, lounging and squeaky toys, in that order. She once saved us from a middle-of-the-night house fire, an act of (most likely self-serving) bravery for which she received fan mail and her beloved nickname, Supernova.

Things I love: cold brew coffee, dancing, board games, fictional crime shows and long walks on the beach (cut me some slack, I live 5 mins from the beach...)

Things I hate: 
milk, yellow squash, humidity, the sound of bones cracking and rude people.

In case you're ever with me in an emergency, I'm allergic to penicillin and chard (not that you'd feed me chard in an emergency). I've been in 11 weddings (excluding my own) and have maintained close friendships from nearly every season of my life. I'm really proud of that. 

and the moon will rise
is a longtime dream of mine. Admittedly, my timing wasn't the best (with the global pandemic and all). But like most small business owners, I'm committed to doing what it takes to get through this crazy and challenging time. 

Every single sale to a small business means the world, especially now, so be sure to support your favorites. And if you have an American Express card, use it to save money while you SHOP SMALL. For every $10+ purchase at a registered small business (ahem, we're one), Amex will credit you $5, up to 10 times ($5 x 10 = $50!) Sometimes math is awesome. Happy (small) shopping!

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  • Regina on

    I just want to say , you are the most amazing daughter in law any Mother could ever have. I love you so much for loving my wonderful Aaron.

  • Rebeca Hoelck on

    This was a really cute, really KKs read. Love you!

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