A cappella and acrylic paint

A lot of people were surprised to hear that my husband, Aaron, began painting soon after we relocated to California. After 14+ years together, I've learned that he really can do it all (though the surprise a cappella Italian opera he belted out for our wedding vows still takes the cake).

Aaron's paintings, proudly featured in our Chroma Inspo and Chroma Classic Collections, are made with a fascinating fluid-painting technique called Acrylic Pour. Acrylic paint is layered with a pouring medium and other additives, then poured onto a canvas and manipulated to create various effects.

As an art form, it's quite accessible. The materials are minimal and affordable, and no experience is needed to get started. That's exactly why Aaron was drawn to it. In addition to the beautiful abstract creations, he is fascinated by the science behind it. He loves to experiment with different additives, ratios and drying techniques. A year into it, we have canvases hung throughout our house and tucked into every nook and cranny. To create the art prints and greeting cards featuring his artwork, I photograph my favorites and edit them in Adobe software. 

We're so excited to have been selected to exhibit at this year's Encinitas Spring Street Fair on May 16-17. In addition to our art prints and greeting cards, Aaron's pantings will also be available. I suspect he'll create a few new pieces in preparation, so I'll be sure to capture a video or two to share. It's fun to watch and might just inspire you to give Acrylic Pour a try!

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